Thursday, July 30, 2009

Taking encaustics to a new level

After about 4 months of playing around and learning the art of encaustics, I decided I wanted to make an attempt at more of a representational piece instead of a totally abstract one.

Out of that desire came "Afro Soul". I loved this whole creative process. It was a learning event for me.

Now there are some obvious flaws that jump right out on this picture. But again,that was part of the learning process. I am still learning to control how much my wax moves when fusing. And I double my frustrations when doing incision work. But never fear, I will learn the ends and out and you will see more encaustic creations along this line from me.

Also I was recording along with running my web cam. I had 30+ folks tuned in asking questions. It was fun putting on that learning demo for everyone.
Part I

Part II

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